KENYA 肯亞 | Kiambu Kamugiri Estate AA | Washed 水洗
KENYA 肯亞 | Kiambu Kamugiri Estate AA | Washed 水洗

KENYA 肯亞 | Kiambu Kamugiri Estate AA | Washed 水洗

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Coffees from Kiambu are most often named for the areas within the region–i.e. Thika, Limuru, Ruiru, Kamugiri. Much of Kiambu is composed of large estates with an eye to quantity production. That said, small holders and their cooperative organizations are alive and well, offering growers a better option than selling their cherries through the large operations. Instead, they bring them to their own mills for processing, and are able to obtain a fair price for them at auction.
Producer Nganga Githei and his daughter in law manage Kamugiri Estate. Their careful oversight, combined with the estate’s impressive high altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level produces a sweet and full bodied coffee whose floral and blackcurrant notes are typical of the classic Kenyan profile.

Kamugiri莊園現在由生產者Nganga Githei及其兒媳管理,他們的細心看管,加上位處極高於海拔2,000米的地理環境,造就出甘醇豐厚的咖啡,其花香及黑加侖子味是肯亞咖啡豆的經典風味。

Region 產區:

Sub-region 小區:

Farm 農戶/Coop 合作社/Station 加工場:
Kamugiri Estate

Varietal 品種:

Processing 處理法:
Washed 水洗

Altitude 高度:
2,000 meters above sea level

Grade 級別:
AA (7.2mm)

Roast level 烘焙度:
Light to Medium Roasts 淺至中烘焙 

Flavor 風味:
Deep flavor, rich blackcurrants, blackberry and toffee notes, bright acidity with classy and satin-like texture finish.

Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

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