ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Keshar (Natural) - Whole Beans

ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Keshar (Natural) - Whole Beans

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Region/Mill : Keshar Kebele, Kochere Wereda, Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone
Process : Natural, Sun Dried
Altitude : 1800 to 2100 MASL
Harvest : October to February

Tasting Notes : Juicy and complex coffee with bright citrus fruit, a rounded body and hint of Jasmine, Earl Gray tea, lemon and cocoa finish.

Kebele (village) is where coffee is grown and processed. Kesha sits in the district within the famous coffee region of Yirgacheffe, and is itself about 25 kilometers from the centre of Yirgacheffe Town. As with most Ethiopian coffees, the beans are what’s known as Ethiopian Heirloom varietal, which means they’re not a specific varietal but instead a mix of the locally occurring varietals.

These naturally occurring hybrids are both disease resistant and also gives Ethiopian coffee the unique sweet flavour and sparkling acidity that we look forward to with each harvest.

Roast Level:

Whole Beans

Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

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