CHINA Yunnan 雲南 | ZaPo Black Tea | Natural 日曬

CHINA Yunnan 雲南 | ZaPo Black Tea | Natural 日曬

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ZaPo was born and raised in CiMiZhu village (茨米珠), where he currently oversees coffee cultivation at his own farm. When he was younger, ZaPo worked at Meng Lian (孟連), a coffee growing center, but he returned to CiMiZhu in 2006. Seeing the poor conditions his fellow villagers lived in, ZaPo organized local farmers and taught them all he had learned in Meng Lian so they could begin growing coffee. The villagers were also employed cultivating, harvesting and processing coffee at the 40-hectare plantation ZaPo built.

Region 產區:
Yunnan 雲南

Sub-region 小區:
Ximeng, Pu’er 普洱市西盟縣

Farm 農戶/Coop 合作社/Station 加工場:
CiMiZhu (茨米珠)

Varietal 品種:

Processing 處理法:
Natural 日曬

Altitude 高度:
1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level

Roast level 烘焙度:
Light to Medium Roasts 淺至中烘焙 

Flavor 風味:
This lot is dried using a processing method common in tea cultivation. The staggered drying and light fermenting produce a fruity and juicy cup with lots of red fruit.

Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

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