Business Solution

For Corporates
Flexible solution package with high-quality coffee to meet your needs

For Hotels, Resturants & Cafés (HORECA)
Our one-stop coffee solution provides you with a suitable package for every occasion

Customized Solution
Expertise in customizing coffee-related products to provide you and your guests with a unique experience

Professional Service & All-Round Support
We are capable of providing extensive coffee solutions to business in Hong Kong

We Provide You

  • A wide range of premium beans
    A stable supply of consistent high-quality freshly-roasted coffee beans for any business needs
  • Private label coffee beans
    Customized beans with own branding tailoring to your needs
  • Small capacity coffee equipment
    Impress your guests with premium in-room service
  • Handy coffee tools
    Simple coffee tools to serve your guest right
  • Gifting
    Treating your guests with premium coffee set & coffee tools with your branding
  • Coffee consultancy
    Support of café or restaurant set-up
  • Menu matching
    A wide range of premium beans selection to pair with your dishes and gives your guest with the perfect coffeehouse experience