Glam Rock Blend 華麗搖滾 (Seasonal Edition 季度限定)

Glam Rock Blend 華麗搖滾 (Seasonal Edition 季度限定)

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(Seasonal Limited)

Suggested style: Both great either Hot or Cold (冷熱皆可)

While keep searching for the ideal coffee aroma, we find another beauty of coffee. In additional to the aroma of chocolate and nut, there are something more complicated and gorgeous.  How to retain and integrate these flavours, and enhance sweetness has become the research direction. Now the Glam Rock Blend is finally here, which is sweet and with a touch of gorgeous taste, while expressing richness and excellent balance.

The Ethiopian part of Glam Rock symbolized the overdrive effect of an electric guitar, it gives the ambience of emotion and vitality, much like the floral and fruity aroma in most Ethiopian coffee with a charming and glamorous tonality. Guatemala is a metaphor for the bass and drums behind it. It gives solidity, richness and structure. We sincerely hope you like it.


在不斷找尋理想咖啡香氣的同時會發現咖啡的另一種美,在咖啡本身迷人的朱古力果仁香以外更有些複雜華麗的東西,怎樣保留整合這些味道和提升甜感成為研發方向,最後完成這款Glam Rock併配豆,甜美同時帶點華麗具層次的味道,同時間表現豐厚和絕佳的平衡。 

Glam Rock裡的Ethiopia部分比喻電吉他的overdrive effect,是充滿感情,活力,很像Ethiopia咖啡豆裏的花果香,常具有迷人色彩卻帶點華麗。而Guatemala則比喻背後的貝斯和鼓,踏實且有豐富結構,我們誠意期望這兩者相輔相承的風味能觸動你的靈魂深處。

Roast level 烘焙度:
Medium Light Roasts 中淺烘焙 🟤🟤⚪⚪⚪

Region 產區: Ethiopia(埃塞俄比亞) Guatemala(危地馬拉)

Flavor 風味:
This seasonal limited Glam Rock Blend composed of 60% Ethiopia 40% Guatemala. The floral and citrusy mid tone gives an overdrive to the upbeat of black plum, baking spice and chocolate, eventually turns to a clean, rich and sweet finish.


Suggested Method 建議飲法:
Filter or Espresso 手沖 或 意式特濃

建議手沖法 (中淺焙,手沖,一人份):










(如需研磨請在WhatsApp / Enquiries: +852 9868 6943填寫)

Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

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