Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso G1 Natural 衣索比亞耶加雪夫杜梅索G1阿茲特爾德梅克小農精選日曬 (200g)

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso G1 Natural 衣索比亞耶加雪夫杜梅索G1阿茲特爾德梅克小農精選日曬 (200g)

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Packing: 200g (Whole Beans) 包裝:200克 (原豆)

Roast level 烘焙度:
Light Roasts 淺烘焙 🟤⚪⚪⚪⚪

Flavor 風味:


Region 產區:

Farm 農戶/Coop 合作社/Station 加工場:
Aster Demeke

Varietal 品種:
74112, 74110, Local Landraces

Grade 級別:

Processing 處理法:
Natural 日曬

Altitude 高度:
1,855 meters above sea level

In the cup, her coffee is perfectly fruity with attractive floral blossom, with berry and chocolate notes at the end. This elegantly showcase the golden standard of top grade Yirgacheffe aromas.

The exceptional quality of Ethiopian coffee is due to a combination of factors. The genetic diversity of coffee varieties means that we find a diversity of flavor, even between (or within) farms with similar growing conditions and processing. In addition to varieties, processing methods also contribute to end quality. The final key ingredients for excellent coffee in Ethiopia are the producing traditions that have created the genetic diversity, processing infrastructure and great coffee we enjoy today.

Most producers in Ethiopia are smallholders, and the majority continue to cultivate coffee using traditional methods. As a result, most coffee is grown with no chemical fertilizer or pesticide use. Coffee is almost entirely cultivated, harvested and dried using manual systems.


Brewing Suggestions:

Method: Hand Drip

Grind Size: Medium

Suggested Ratio: 1:16

Brewing water Temperature: 91-93°C

Brewing Time: 2 - 2:30min







Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

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