Coffee Taster's Flavour Wheel | 咖啡風味輪
(by SCAA & WCR)

(Credit 資料來源The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and World Coffee Research (WCR), all rights reserved 版權所有)

In 1995 SCAA created coffee flavor wheel. What coffee professionals may not know is that the flavor wheel was created as a visual tool to accompany The Coffee Cupper’s Handbook. Each term was very purposefully put in place to represent the weight of the molecules that they were meant to represent.
In 2013 Counter Culture Coffee made own version of coffee flavor wheel.
In 2016 SCAA and WBC produced updated version of coffee flavor wheel.

1995年美國精品咖啡協會(SCAA)創造了咖啡風味輪。咖啡達人可能不知道的是,風味輪當時是為了配合《咖啡杯測者手冊》(The Coffee Cuppers’ Handbook)的出版,用圖表作為視像工具。每個字眼都意有所指地放在適當的位置,精準地表達所代表的風味。
2013年Counter Culture Coffee製作了自己版本的咖啡風味輪。

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